Bluespec High-Level Synthesis Toolset is Selected by Hitachi

Waltham, Mass. – June 2, 2011 - Bluespec, Inc. announced today that the Bluespec high-level synthesis toolset for development of system-on-a chip (SoC) designs has been selected by Hitachi, Ltd. It will be used for the system design and verification of LSIs for ultra high-speed, high-capacity communication network products.

"We have selected Bluespec to improve design quality and productivity. Though we have been using C/SystemC-based high-level synthesis tools, and intend to continue to use them so as to receive their benefits, we are not fully satisfied with them. We believe the concept and methodology of both the Bluespec language and toolset provide us with better choices for addressing the challenges we now face," said Hideya Sato, General Manager of Telecommunications & Network Systems Division at Hitachi, Ltd. "In addition, we expect that Bluespec has the potential to extend our capabilities and skills for hardware design."

"Hitachi had been tracking Bluespec technology before it entered the Japanese market with Cybernet. Our cross-collaboration helped accelerate this selection," said Kensaku Wada, General Manager of LSI Solution Department EDA division, at Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd. "They evaluated the Bluespec hardware description language features, comparing them with both C-based design and HDL design in order to identify where Bluespec might fit in the design tool chain. Based on this, Bluespec's rule-based design and leading-edge approach were acclaimed for enhancing Hitachi's manufacturing technology. We believe Bluespec will contribute to their innovation activities regarding the productivity and quality of hardware designs."

"We are happy to announce that Hitachi has selected Bluespec for the modeling and implementation of communication network systems," said Charlie Hauck, chief executive officer of Bluespec, Inc. "Similar to what we are seeing in other market segments, the advanced control and interconnect of the latest generation of communication networks overwhelm the capabilities of C-to-RTL synthesis tools, creating more and more opportunities for Bluespec to work with tier 1 customers like Hitachi."

About Bluespec

With Bluespec, models and test benches can be synthesized along with legacy IP to employ emulation much earlier for modeling, verification and early software development. Bluespec makes emulation much easier, more affordable, and deployable from concept to volume silicon. With the only solutions built on atomic transactions, proven technology for managing and simplifying large-scale hardware concurrency, Bluespec provides the only general-purpose, high-level synthesis toolset for any use model (models, testbenches, production IP) and design type (datapath, control, interconnect). More information can be found on or by calling (781) 250-2200.

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